Phone Voiceover: Urban Fashion

I love it when a client comes back. It means I did a good job for them first time around. I always do my best to ensure clients are completely satisfied with their finished product. If it takes a couple of reads to get exactly what you’re looking for then so bet it. If you […]

On Hold Voiceover: Soundbox Productions

Back in November I did a couple of projects for Soundbox Productions. One was a promotional video that they’ll be using for the business. The other was a television commercial that ran on CHCH-TV in Hamilton, ON. If you’d like to see those videos click here. Jamie (the owner) was obviously happy with me work, […]

Phone System Voiceover: Opus Fund Services

I booked this phone system job through I was contacted directly by the company.  The script was sent to me late in the afternoon on December 29th and the finished audio was delivered by the next morning. Are you looking to update your company phone system?  Do you need a new on-hold message?  Phone […]

Phone Message Voiceover: Northland Funding

I received an email from Northland Funding at 1:01p.  I was just getting ready to head out the door for work, but decided to get this done quick before I left.  I emailed them audio at 1:11p.  That’s ten minute turnaround.  If you need audio in a hurry, in many cases I can accomodate. I […]

Ring I.T. Inc

Ring I.T. Inc

Another quick turnaround project.  Inside of an hour from client contact to delivered audio.  This project was for 3 quick voicemail recordings.  Thinking about overhauling your companies phone system?  Looking for a new on old message?  Contact me with your needs and we can make it happen.  I booked this job through Check out […]

Expert Approach

Today is going to be a busy one.  I’ve got 4 jobs pending final script approval, and just tossed this one into the mix while I waited.  From the time I submitted my audition until the time the client selected me, we reached an agreement, and final audio was delivered, it was about an hour.  […]