History Of Contemporary Christian Music

History Of Contemporary Christian Music

It started over a year ago.  An conversation with Scott Jackson from Life100dot3 in Barrie.  He wanted to produce something called “The History Of Contemporary Christian Music.”  The idea was to create 30 x 1 hour shows, with each show representing a year.  We’d play the top songs of the year, talk about the big stories of the year, and focus on the artists that have shaped the industry.

I was honoured to be asked to host the show and jumped at the opportunity.  Now, all the hard work of a lot of different people has finally paid off and the show goes to air on Monday (October 19th).  It will air first on Life, and then on Christian radio stations across the country.

As a veteran Christian broadcaster, I am thrilled to be apart of this project.  If you’d like to catch it, tune into Life starting Monday from 6p – 7p.  They stream at LifeOnline.fm.  If you have a Christian station in your area, check with them to see if they are going to pick up the show.  It’s being offered free of charge to Christian radio.

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