Phone System Voiceover – Soundbox Productions

Phone System Voiceover – Soundbox Productions

Soundbox Productions - Marc Scott - Male Voice TalentI’ve done a few voiceover projects for Soundbox Productions including television commercials and their company phone system. Jamie (the owner) recently contacted me about getting an update to his phone system because of the addition of new staff.

Your phone system could be the first impression for a customer. You’ll want it to sound professional. You’ll want it to be clear and easy to understand. I’ve got over a decade of experience recording voicemail greetings, on-hold messages and staff directories for phone systems. I can help make sure your company makes a great first impression if a customer calls and gets put on hold or is greeted with an automatic phone system.

Email me at to talk about your needs. I offer quick turnaround, competitive rates, and I’ll make sure you’re happy with your finished audio.

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