On Hold Voiceover: Soundbox Productions

Back in November I did a couple of projects for Soundbox Productions. One was a promotional video that they’ll be using for the business. The other was a television commercial that ran on CHCH-TV in Hamilton, ON. If you’d like to see those videos click here.

Jamie (the owner) was obviously happy with me work, as he contacted me this month about voicing the on-hold messages for the company phone system. I do projects like this pretty regularly and would love to talk to you about your script and phone system needs. From on-hold messages to complete phone trees, I’m sure I can meet your needs.

About Marc Scott

I've been doing voice work since 1995. When I'm not recording jobs, sending auditions, working on demos or writing new posts, you might find me on a fire truck. I'm proud to serve my community as a Volunteer Firefighter.