Steven Lowell Speaks Out About Leaving Voice123

Steven Lowell Speaks Out About Leaving Voice123

Steven Lowell Voice123I was happy to have the opportunity to get to know Steven Lowell over the past few years. Voice123 has always been very good to me in regards to the voice over work, clients and relationships that I’ve harvested from it. Steven was no small part of my success.

He was always quick to reply to an email. Very giving of his time and wisdom. He offered support and encouragement not only to me, but to countless other voice talents during his time with Voice123. He was everywhere. Email. Twitter. Facebook. LinkedIn. Blogging. He always had something to contribute. It was always helpful.

I am especially grateful to him for the platform he provided to me, not only allowing, but encouraging me to blog for Voice123’s Voice The Dream site.

In January when Steven announced he was leaving Voice123, I was caught off guard. We all were. Quite frankly, it’s hard to imagine Voice123 without him.

voice123 voice it like you dream itDerek Chappell has become a good friend and colleague. Derek brings such incredible value to the voice over community on a daily basis. Through social media, his blog and other channels. Now, Derek has given to us again.

Please take a few minutes to read his post Steven Lowell Speaks Out About Leaving Voice123. For those of you, like me, who are missing Steven, wondering what happened, and wondering what’s next, thanks to Derek’s blog, those questions may finally be answered.

Wherever you land next, Steven, be it another company or starting a venture of your own, I have no doubt that much success and prosperity awaits!


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