Leeland Klassen Bio

I do all the voice work for World Vision’s Girls Night Out and Couples Night Out Events. This includes show reels, radio and television commercials and video bios for all of the hosts. This is a recent video bio I voiced for comedian Leeland Klassen. For more on Girls Night Out visit http://gnolive.ca

Couples Night Out Radio Spots

Couples Night Out Radio Spots

I’ve been the voice for Couples Night Out and Girls Night Out for several years now. These are both events put on by World Vision Canada and sponsored by FaithLife Financial. Couples Night Out is gearing up for the spring season and today was a day filled with radio spots to voice for their upcoming […]

Radio Voiceover: Couple’s Night Out

I do all the voice work for Couple’s Night Out which is an event produced by World Vision Canada. The voice work includes radio and television spots, as well as all the show reel audio.  This is one of the most recent radio spots.

Television Voiceover: Couple’s Night Out

This is a television commercial I did for World Vision’s Couple’s Night Out.  These events take place across Canada.  The commercial will air on CTS. For more on Couple’s Night Out check out couplesnightout.ca

February Roundup

Interestingly enough… February was a near carbon copy of January. The month was filled with several more projects for Nikon, Action Training Systems and World Vision’s Girls Night Out / Couples Night Out.  Those projects kept me busy from the 1st to the 28th. If you’re looking for a voice for your next project let […]

January Roundup

January Roundup

January started off a little slow, but ended up being a very productive month.  I did 3 new training videos for Action Training Systems.  These videos are part of a series for Industrial Firefighting.  It’s a great fit since I am a Volunteer Firefighter on the side!  Learn more about Action Training at www.action-training.com/ In […]