Marshall Hall and Wes Hampton Concert TV Commercial

Marshall Hall and Wes Hampton Concert TV Commercial

This is a TV commercial that I voiced for a Southern Gospel concert. The spot is airing on CTS in Ontario, Canada. If you’re familiar with Southern Gospel music at all, then you’ll definitely recognize the names Marshall Hall and Wes Hampton!

Radio Voiceover: Girls Night Out

As the voice of the Girls Night Out events presented by World Vision I do quite a bit of work for them. Radio spots, television spots, videos for their web site and clips that air during the actual events via Keynote presentations. Today I did another round of commercials. There were eight radio spots and […]

Television Voiceover: Couple’s Night Out

This is a television commercial I did for World Vision’s Couple’s Night Out.  These events take place across Canada.  The commercial will air on CTS. For more on Couple’s Night Out check out