Phone Voiceover: Urban Fashion

I love it when a client comes back. It means I did a good job for them first time around. I always do my best to ensure clients are completely satisfied with their finished product. If it takes a couple of reads to get exactly what you’re looking for then so bet it. If you need me to go back and tweak a file or provide a different audio format, I’ll do it.

I did a job for this particular client nearly two years ago. Even after all that time has passed he still held onto my contact information. On Thursday morning I received an email with a script asking for some new recordings. Quick turnaround is something I always try to offer and this job was no different. Same day delivery. The next day when he requested a different file type I immediately sat down at the computer to convert his audio.

Do you need a recording for your IVR system? Are you redoing your voicemail greeting? On hold message? Phone tree? I’d love to talk about your needs and potentially work on your project. Just contact me.

Greeting 1

Greeting 2

Greeting 3

About Marc Scott

I've been doing voice work since 1995. When I'm not recording jobs, sending auditions, working on demos or writing new posts, you might find me on a fire truck. I'm proud to serve my community as a Volunteer Firefighter.